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Shawn Hamilton, MD

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Maintaining good health is crucial, but it’s not always easy. Shawn Hamilton, MD, an internal medicine specialist in Irvine, California piloted the COPD navigation program at Hoag Hospital and successfully lead a team of healthcare professionals to reduce readmission to the hospital by maintaining better health. Dr. Shawn Hamilton can help you better understand complex social, medical, psychological reasons behind poor health habits and offer treatment strategies that target lifestyle factors and combat obesity, addiction, poor health habits that contribute to diabetes, heart diseases, autoimmune diseases, and fatigue. To learn more, call or schedule an online appointment today.

Health Coach Q & A

Shawn Hamilton, MD

What Can I Expect From Health Coaching?

After a brief consultation and physical exam, Dr. Hamilton assesses your health and wellness. Her calm and caring demeanor will lead to a conversation where the two of you discuss your day-to-day lifestyle, diet, work, personal life, and more. This helps Dr. Hamilton develop the best possible plan for your needs and set reasonable and achievable goals that you will be held accountable to report weekly.

This plan is designed to help you make a positive change in your health and wellness. Dr. Hamilton can help treat anything from weight loss to dealing with addiction. Her primary focus is prevention and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Not only can health coaching improve your body now, it also instills a wealth of knowledge of good habits for you to maintain in the future. When you address and improve your health and wellness through a medicinal lens, you can avoid chronic complications as you age.

Depending on the options you choose, cost and communication vary.

In general, as your health coach Dr. Hamilton can:

  • Schedule one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Offer email and text messaging support
  • Assign between-session "homework"
  • Calls or emails in-promptu, as needed
  • Re-assessments to re-adjust goals and targets
  • Review online tools such as journaling, personal wearable devices, personalized medical devices, goal tracking, or accountability software (cost of software and devices not included)


How Long Do I Need Health Coaching?

Health coaching varies. In most cases, you can sign up for at least three months. This time frame allows Dr. Hamilton to assess, plan, and monitor a robust health and wellness plan and gives her enough time to see how your body is changing. Many patients find health coaching helpful to continuously improve their personal best.

Through sustainable behavioral changes, small steps, good habits, and ongoing support, this time frame gives a base for Dr. Hamilton to test. Throughout your health coaching treatment, you will have a series of check-ups to assess the progress made. If at any time the plan needs to be adjusted, Dr. Hamilton will do so at these appointments.

How Much Does Health Coaching Cost?

The initial consultation needed in order for Dr. Hamilton to create a comprehensive plan with target-goal setting is $200, with a face-to-face exam required. 

Depending on your preference, Dr. Hamilton offers three options of health coaching:

  • Option A: Email consultation - $40/month, with weekly goals submitted for email feedback
  • Option B: Phone consultation - $75/month, with periodic phone calls with a health coach (supervised by Dr. Hamilton)
  • Option C: Face-to-Face consultation - $150/month, with weekly office visits to check vitals and a visit with a health coach (supervised by Dr. Hamilton). Additional lab testing, meal replacements, or materials may be charged separately.


Beginning with a health coach is simple. You can contact our office to discuss your options, or set up your first assessment appointment online. Dr. Hamilton's goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to live a happy and healthy life.